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The Primordials



are legion. They are an unstoppable force when they move as one. Combine the abyssals that bring friends to the party with one of the many that buff your team for unrivaled raw power. They tend to have high insight and deceit. 



are the life of the party. They excel at disrupting other players’ strategies. One well-placed infernal could dismantle a rival’s best-laid plans single-handedly. They tend to have high devotion and deceit.



are intangible and indescribable. They see and touch all. Typically these beings have big effects,   greatly strengthening another pawn, creating mortals to join your cause, or completely altering the rules of the game for the turn. They tend to have high devotion and insight.



A favorite hobby of many celestials is the creation of puppets and toys. These Mortal creations are usually made to serve specific purposes, and so tend to excel at one particular thing, but be useless when set to any task other than for what they have been designed.

card design breakdown.png
card design breakdown copy.png
card design breakdown copy 3.png
card design breakdown copy 2.png

The creation and design of Premoridal Secrets are always centered around innovative and fun gameplay. Once we felt that the baseline was achieved the most intriguing question became where are we and why?

After much consideration, we decided to step away from traditional fantasy and reach for original and mysterious lore. That is how the Abyssals, Celestials, and Infernals were born. The Mortals were a natural extension to position players in the game. With these unusual and thrilling characters, we hope to create intrigue and inspire passion. Their backgrounds were inspired by the writing of H.P.Lovecraft and the art of H.R.Giger. We hope that you can see and feel that ambiance while playing.

With the card design, we aimed for an elegant look and easy-to-read user experience. We wanted every color and shape to be meaningful and feel like part of the world.Our new world is waiting for you, Mortal.

The Art

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